Applications accepted from 18 January to 2 April

​​ The Richard and Siobhán Coward Foundation ​​

Analogue Photography
Photographic Art Therapy


The Foundation received many applications for funding.  Grants were awarded to those that truly represented the purposes of the Foundation.

Peter Iain Campbell wishes to document every single remaining Oil & Gas Platform or Drilling Rig currently within operation within the UK Sector of the North Sea.  Peter was a finalist in the 2017 Scottish Portrait Photographic Awards.

Debbie Adele Cooper intends to create glass plate cyanotypes and colour paper negatives.  She will make cyanotype plates shooting streets and landscape and develop the plates on site.  Also, experimenting with paper negatives in a 5 x 4 camera and in a home made pinhole camera, she is looking to capture the people and atmosphere of Matlock Bath, where she lives.

Natalie Feather operates a Travelling darkroom and will use her grant to deliver free events that will engage the public with different forms of analogue photography over the two days of the Glasgow Open Doors Festival in September 2018.  Events will include making a pinhole Camera Obscura and a drop in photogram workshop.

Dave Hunt   His project is a celebration of analogue photographic processes capturing the unique beauty and atmosphere of the Scottish Highland wilderness.    Dave will create sets of Platinum/Palladium prints from 5 x 4 and 12 x 10 glass wet plate negatives.

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao  Lucas finally got indefinite leave to remain in the UK after 44 people, from all walks of life and of different nationalities, in Scotland, helped in his appeal of the decision of the Home Office which had originally rejected his application.  He intends to photograph all of the 44 people on 8 x 10 black and white film and contact print using cyanotype thereby producing 44 hand printed portraits with the distinctive blue echoing the blue in the Scottish flag.

Simon Larson   Simon was also a finalist in the Scottish Portrait Photographic Awards of 2017.  His aim is to produce a series of environmental portraits of the men and women, permanent residents of Skye and Lochalsh, who hold down one or more jobs or roles and who have a story to tell.  He will use both medium  (7 x 7 cm) and large format (4 x 5 and 8 x 10 inch) monochrome film to shoot and will hand develop all roll and sheet films as well as making 8 x 0 and 12 x 16 inch silver prints.

Jo Stapleton  Jo wishes to continue her personal development as an analogue photographer by training in the use and practice of alternative photographic processes and to create the ability to replicate these in her home darkroom.   The courses will be in Brixton and will include wet plate collodion, platinum printing and chemigrams.

Javier Ternero  Javier is inspired by the works of J Craig Annan and Eugéne Atget.   He aims to photograph nineteenth century Scottish buildings.  He will use a whole plate (8.5 x 6.5 inches) large format camera and black and white sheet film.  He will develop and contact print himself using processes such as Albumen, Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium.

Craig Waddell  Craig is a recent graduate and was a finalist in the Scottish Portrait Awards Fine Art section.  He intends to run a project alongside the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, producing around 20 portraits of a diverse body of performers that allude to the history of the formal portrait, that is to say the portrait is taken in a defined sitting in a sustained pose.  This will all be shot on film.



In 2018, The Foundation gave grants to the following:

Accumulate    Accumulate is a charity which provides creative workshops to young, homeless people who are living in hostels or temporary accommodation in London.   The grant will assist in the FACES project that will take place in the canteen of the East London YMCA hostel during the summer of 2018.  The participants will be introduced to the photographic portrait as an art form.  Framing, composition, lighting and shutter speed will be taught along with what needs to be considered and created in order to take a good photographic portrait. Each participant will also produce a short piece of writing and the overall results will be printed in a booklet and shown at The One Festival of Homeless Arts exhibition at the Old Diorama Centre Euston in September 2018.

Braintree District Mencap Society The Society runs a weekly photography group so that the members with a learning disability learn new skills.  In the past this has resulted in the group capturing the changing seasons on film.    The grant will enable the group to learn more about portraiture and indoor photography.

Kyleakin Connections   For the last two years, photographic therapy sessions have been provided to the young people with learning/physical disabilities using the day centre at Kyleakin.    The project will include taking still life photographs using a large format camera and the participants will be taught the relationship between aperture and shutter.  They will also, utilising film, take staged portraits of each other so that each creates a persona that they would like to be photographed as.  The outcomes will be shown in an exhibition in the centre.